The Leeds University Challenge Team 2002

Filmed 2002, Broadcast 2002-2003

The TV programme and the appearance of the author upon it.

Kidd, Ryan, Pettman, Tumber, Webb
Kidd, Ryan, Pettman, Tumber, Webb

James Webb - Business studies Masters, Farnborough, Hampshire, Captain
Steve Kidd - Pontefract Yorkshire, Geography and Transport 2nd Year BA - Token Old Guy
Jenny Ryan - Law 1st year, Horwich, Lancashire, Genius
Adam Tumber - Physics 1st year, Kentish Man, Revelation
Gareth Pettman - What do you do Gareth? Now clean shaven

These pages are the personal account of the formation and progress of the team as perceived and recorded by one member. The narrative may be idiosyncratic.

They are written largely contemporaneously, so at this time of writing the story may not be complete.

For the sake of literary attraction I will endeavour to narrate with little reference to subsequent broadcast.

There are a few images in the text. For a more complete set try Here

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