QU12 2021

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Every Friday night in June, July and August at 7:30


QU12 is an open, fair, exciting quiz, in which individual players have the opportunity to participate in the perfect blend of real quiz combined with just enough jeopardy to give a half-decent player a real shot of winning. You are welcome to join the facebook group by clicking here

Over the years it has thrown up some great champions, notably:

  • Mark Kerr (2007)
  • Michael McPartland (2016)
  • Tony Walmsley (2017)
  • Michael McPartland (2018)
  • Brendan Curtis (2019)
  • Paul Sinha (2020)

    Some truly remarkable players have particpated, including multiple Mastermind and Fifteen to One Champions, Eggheads and Chasers, so this year I'm hoping we can add Countdown Champions to the list.

    First QU12 final

    Whilst still in the throes of lockdown this year's series will take place (on-line), starting on Friday 28th May, with 12 (weekly) qualifiers and a final (live or on-line TBA) on Saturday 28th August (Bank holiday weekend).

    The easiest thing to do is just turn up and play, Zoom screen on, I promise you will get the hang of each round immediately, but there are a jazillion films you can watch, and if you want to know the format...

    Generally a QU12 will comprise:

    Round '0' - Qualifier

    Using SpeedQuizzing software and pending numbers

  • All players will play until twelve of them "get to 30".
  • Scoring: On the SpeedQuizzing app, each correct answer is worth 2 points, but the fastest will get 10 points, and also, if you are wrong you will lose 2 points.
  • Outcome: Once a player has got 30 points they will have qualified for round one and retire. The first twelve players to get to thirty points will go foward to contest round one proper.

    At this point players revert to using Zoom Chat for their buzzers, as the nature of QU12 is only the first player in takes the spoils. Scores are reset to zero for the beginning of each round.

    Round 1

  • 12 players play for 12 minutes using only Zoom to 'buzz' when you think you know the answer
  • Scoring: Correct answer = 1 point, Incorrect interruption passes on and carries a penalty of loss of half accumulated points.
  • Outcome: Top eight progress to Round 2

    Round 2

  • 8 players contest 12 questions, each question comprising six clues
  • Scoring: Correct answer on first clue = 6 points, Correct answer on second clue = 5 points, etc.. Negative comparative points for a wrong answer
  • Outcome: Top four progress to Round 3

    Round 3

  • 4 players play for the first to 12 points (i.e. 12 correct answers)
  • Scoring: All correct answers worth one point, All incorrect interruptions lose a life, three lives and out
  • Outcome: The winner qualifies for the final in August

    The Final

    Now of course, we don't quite know what the situation regardind COVID will be in August, but one of two things should happen.
  • Live quiz probably near Pontefract close to the A1 and M62 (venue and location not cast in stone, I will try to get as practical a place as possible), or
  • Online la 2020

    Entry fees

    Either 3 for a game or 20 all-in and that's it! Either you qualify for the final, or you get loads of quizzes until you do. From Game 7 onwards a surcharge of 40 will be placed on anyone who qualifies for the final who is not a season ticket holder. I want to discourage opportunistic tactical entry. I really hope that whatever method to pay you choose, it will just be excellent value for money.

    Click here to pay, and don't forget to go FAMILY AND FRIENDS


    If the final is live, the winner of each round will get 40 pending their attendance

    If the final is online, it'll be winner takes all.

    The overall winner recieves 500 or the take, whichever is least, plus a trophy, plus their name in the Pantheon.

    Mark Kerr Michael McPartland Tony Walmsley Brendan Curtis

    Overseas competitors. The default is if lockdown is lifted it will be a live final, hence the 40 (travel allowance) prize. I hate leaving things uncertain, but, there may be ways to allow you to play in the final, but I'm not promising. I will exercise prcautionary principle, but whatever, leave that Saturday afternoon free.

    GOOD LUCK. Join now

    Paul and Ollie